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Ab Toning

Top 7 Best Ab Crunchers for a Strong and Toned Core

An abs cruncher is a fitness equipment designed to target the abdominal muscles and strengthen the core. The purpose of an abs cruncher is to provide a convenient and effective way to tone and strengthen the abs, improve posture, and… Continue Reading…

side shaper abs trainer

Ab Toning

SideShaper review: A targeted approach to toning your abs

SideShaper is a fitness crunch too that is designed to help users achieve a more defined, toned appearance by targeting the muscles in the core area. According to the product’s listing on, it uses a combination of crunch workouts… Continue Reading…

6 pack abs

Ab Toning

12 Easy Exercises get flat and toned abs at Home

We know that Diet and Exercise are key factors that contribute to build a perfect and sexy toned abs. Without one , another effort is fruitless. It is essential to combine a healthy diet and physical exercise to be able… Continue Reading…

walking time

Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight With Walking?

See how you can lose weight with walking, some variations and accessories you can use to maximize results and more tips. We know that the practice of physical exercises helps in weight loss, as it maximizes the amount of calories… Continue Reading…


Weight Loss

Does cycling lose belly fat?

The belly is one of the places where fat accumulates the most and is more visible, and as a consequence, it is the part of the body that most bothers people when they are overweight. Abdominal fat must be eliminated… Continue Reading…

muscle building


Top 10 Tips to Maximise Muscle Growth

Muscle growth is a process that is usually closely related to the goal of acquiring a dream body. Men dream of a muscular body, broad shoulders, and large biceps, while ladies tend to have slimmer waist and sexy arches. By… Continue Reading…

calories for weight loss

Weight Loss

How many calories a day to lose weight?

The short answer is: Consume fewer calories than you need daily. If you don’t know how many calories you consume per day and if you really want to know how many calories you will need to consume to lose weight,… Continue Reading…

workout time


When Is the Best Time to Workout, According to Science

How do you choose the time you do your workouts? Is it based on the time in the day that is left between work, study and family commitments? Does your choice depend on what time of day you feel most… Continue Reading…

joint pain

Weight Loss

What Happens to Your Body When You Lose 5% of Your Weight

After struggling for a while on the diet and dedicating yourself to physical exercises, you finally weigh yourself on the scales, however, you don’t like the result so much. After all, you still haven’t lost all that amount of weight… Continue Reading…



Top 10 Cheast Exercise to Increase Strength

1 – Pushups – Modified Pushups One of the most common chest exercises is pushing. The push is a great way to work your chest without the equipment. It is also a favorite because it is a composite movement that… Continue Reading…