6 pack abs


9 Exercises To Get Nicer Six Pack Abs

If you are straggling to get six pack abs and a beautiful belly look, Then you are right place. I know you may tried many exercises like me. But You are not getting effective results. Do not lose hope. Try those exercise at gym or home, before giving up. Here are some exercises to get six pack abs.

Before knowing exercises, you should know 6 pack abs structures. 6 pack abs consist of two abs: One is Lower abs and another is upper abs

6 pack abs

To build upper abs , Try This exercises

  1. Crunches: try 5 sets of crunches to stimulates muscles
  2. High crunches: 5 sets
  3. Sit Ups: 5 Sets

Take some rest

Then try Lower abs exercises

  1. Reverse Crunches: 5 sets
  2. Scissors: 5 sets
  3. Leg raises: 5 sets

Take some Rest

At last, try combination 6 pack abs exercises

  1. flutter kicks : 5 sets
  2. Elbow Plank: 5 sets with interval
  3. L Sit Planks: 5 Sets

Try those exercises for one months and see your results.

Recommended Equipment that helps to build six pack abs faster

  • Side Shaper Ab Exercise Machine

    side saper
    • Side Shaper Ab Exercise Machine
    • Side Shaper by 5 Mins Shaper Pro
    • Ab Carver Workout Equipment Portable side shaper ab machine
    • Ab Machine Core Max Work Out Trainer & Muscle Toning Device
    • Body Toner Exercise / Adjustable Workout Fitness Cruncher (Red)
    • This ab trainer is designed to hyper-target your abdominal muscles including the obliques with unique bi-lateral swivel technology.
    • It works your core, lower-back & upper body muscles, making
    • A perfect  fat burning machine for men and women to shred excess fat and build essential muscles
    • Helps to tone your arms, back and bottom.
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