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  • Deluxe Cardio Barbell Set

    Deluxe Cardio Barbell Set
    $157.00 The Deluxe CardioBarbell Set allows you to combine cardio and resistance training for a full-body workout.
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  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit

    musle simulator
    • Wireless via Bluetooth
    • Ready to use, no spraying water, no sting on skin
    • High elastic compression material, suitable for all body types
    • Full body type design, perfect fit to muscle groups and Precise stimulation.
    • Unique design under axilla region more breathable
    • 10 electrical pulse channels & 20 energy sensors covering 90% muscle groups of body
    • Soft sensing fabric wire without any metal Ingredient, lowering resistance maximally to ensure best conductivity
    • Special drawstring design on the back, easy t
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  • Side Shaper Ab Exercise Machine

    side saper
    • Side Shaper Ab Exercise Machine
    • Side Shaper by 5 Mins Shaper Pro
    • Ab Carver Workout Equipment Portable side shaper ab machine
    • Ab Machine Core Max Work Out Trainer & Muscle Toning Device
    • Body Toner Exercise / Adjustable Workout Fitness Cruncher (Red)
    • This ab trainer is designed to hyper-target your abdominal muscles including the obliques with unique bi-lateral swivel technology.
    • It works your core, lower-back & upper body muscles, making
    • A perfect  fat burning machine for men and women to shred excess fat and build essential muscles
    • Helps to tone your arms, back and bottom.
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  • COBA BOARD Glute Trainer

    COBA BOARD Glute Trainer
    $169.00 The COBA BOARD Glute Trainer's patented, scientifically proven, counterbalance design puts you in the right position to increase gluteal muscle activation while minimizing the use of your quadriceps and knees during squats, lunges and dead lifts.
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